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Hampidjan Canada Ltd. is known for its exceptional service, commitment and product development in the commercial fishing, aquaculture, and ocean technology sectors.

Through local and international collaborations with industry, SME’s and start-up companies, government and academia, Hampidjan Canada Ltd. has been actively engaged in the research and development of ecologically sustainable and fuel-efficient fishing gear, fisheries value chains, and technology innovation and transfers.

For the past 40 years, Hampidjan Canada Ltd. has engaged with the Canadian and international fishing industries servicing over 700 harvesters for all commercial species such as shrimp, crab, whelk and ground fish (redfish, cod, yellowtail flounder, skate, Greenland halibut, capelin, mackerel).

In addition, Hampidjan Canada has collaborated with academia, the government and several fisherman’s association throughout Canada to promote innovative and sustainable fishing technologies and to ensure quality control and excellence in fishing gear development.

Core capacity focuses on fixed and mobile gears and includes:

  • Trawl design with optimal materials selection
  • Optimal trawl door selection
  • Numerical modeling of innovative trawls and trawling systems
  • Flume tank testing of scaled trawl models and/or gear components
  • Full-scale evaluation of trawls and trawling systems during sea trials on commercial fishing vessels
  • New gear/prototype development and testing
  • Design and construction of fixed gear (traps, pots)
  • At sea testing of fixed gear on commercial fishing vessel
  • Technology transfer for novel technologies/innovations

Mentoring and Advisory Services:

  • Collaborator with industry, government and academia on applied research and technology development initiatives, including proposal writing, project implementation and management and financial management
  • Develop customized, hands-on, practical mentoring programs for industry and government
  • Consultant/advisor for industry, government and academia on technical problems related to ropes, wires, and construction of prototypes
  • The development of business plans for small to medium enterprises
  • Conduct independent research
  • In-depth knowledge of funding programs
  • Quality control and operational efficiencies


  • Design and development of customized research technologies (e.g. specialized research sampling tools)
  • Customized canvas production for industrial and scientific application
  • Environmental monitoring and field sampling

Project Management Capacity

Hampidjan has a technical team of approximately 12 people who are actively used in applied research and commercial development initiatives. Due to the sensitive nature of new and emerging technology developments, Hampidjan is fully agreeable to working under non-disclosure/confidentiality terms and conditions.