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The newest addition to Hampidjan Canada is our Canvas Division! Our professional and experienced team can manufacture and reupholster any items whether it be commercial or recreational. From tarps, covers, boat tops and convertible tops to awnings, skidoo seats and side by side enclosures – our team is ready and committed to providing the best quality service to its customers.

Hampidjan may be equipped to serve the fishing industry, however we also have so much more to offer! We are not limited to only one industry or trade. We can serve any industry in any country.


Hampidjan Canada is proud to add its Canvas Division to the mix! Our experienced team will provide high quality, competitively priced items.

  • Boat Top Covers
  • Seat Replacements
  • Sails
  • All types of Covers for commercial and personal jobs

Please contact us today for further information!

Footgear Supplies

For completion of any trawl, Hampidjan Canada supplies a large selection of all your footgear needs.

  • Bobbins & Bunts
    • Steel
    • Rubber
  • Rockhopper Discs
  • Spacers
  • Toggles
  • Chain


Visit us today to select the items required! Hampidjan Canada is stocked with a large selection of shackles, connectors, chain, recessed links and much much more!

Specialty Items

The teams at Hampidjan Canada are equipped to produce and construct items your business may require that are not easily obtained.

  • Safety/Recovery Nets
  • Ladders (Embarkation, Pilot & Jacobs)
  • Certifications
  • Customized Items
  • Research – (add link to research page)
  • Trial Services – construction of miniature field items such as dredges and pots.

Cleaning Supplies

We are happy to stock Kemilux for all your cleaning needs.

S1 Extra – A degreaser which easily removes grease, oil and other dirt from all surfaces.

S2 Extra – A heavy duty cleaning agent for the food processing industry

Rust Solvent – Ideal for surfaces exposed to the elements, and corrosive elements.

H79 – An oil based degreasing agent.

We both source and manufacture high flyers and are offered with both polyform and Styrofoam bouys.

Accessories & Supplies

Hampidjan Canada’s huge selection of accessories and supplies is always growing to ensure we have the items you require.


Our professional team can splice an eye in the rope of your choosing. We also have ropes custom made with covered eyes upon manufacturing.

Wire & Warps Services

We carry a variety of wire – classifications and diameters in galvanized, stainless, combination wire, PVC Covered. And are equipped to clamp or hand splice, repair or complete warps.

Services available:

  • Sales of new warps and wires
  • Installing new wires and warps on your vessel
  • Wire measurement and marking
  • Wire and rope splicing in all dimensions
  • Wire Clamped in press
  • Turning of wires and warps
  • Repair of customer’s own wire

Trawl Doors

In the context of our corporate affiliation with Hampidjan Group, Hampidjan Canada Ltd. merged our Poly-Ice® trawl door brand with Thyboron Skibssmedie A/S in Thyboron, Denmark, in October 2011. As one of the sole distributors for Thyboron pelagic trawl doors in our region, our customers can trust that our products are designed using exhaustive hydrodynamic testing, flume tank and onsite trials to ensure their quality materials and outstanding Danish craftsmanship. Thyboron doors are fitted with X-stream technology, which makes them more stable and lighter to tow by reducing their turbulence and drag.


  • Sailing/Yachting
  • Sports
  • Dynice