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Floating Dock Systems for Salt and Freshwater!

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At Hampidjan Canada Ltd., we offer floating dock systems in all of Atlantic Canada to allow you to enjoy your passion for sailing in all safety and comfort, while protecting your boat from premature and unnecessary wear. Highly customizable, our docks can be completely adapted in terms of size and configuration, to give you the berth you need.

Our Advantages

  • 100% Rust Free Docks
  • Easy access to all types of boats with floating dock and tee systems
  • Safe, easy boarding and docking
  • Walk-aboard comfort
  • Easy loading and unloading supplies
  • Customizable access ramps, mooring and kayak ramps

We also offer dock systems for freshwater applications, using lighter materials and modified mooring arrangements.
Cabins and summer homes can now have a custom-made, durable, lightweight dock system, which can be easily removed in winter or relocated if necessary.
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