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Trawls & Seines

Hampidjan Canada Ltd. has been active in the production and development of bottom trawls in Atlantic Canada for over 40 years. We are the industry leader in shrimp trawling in eastern Canada.

We offer an extensive range of products with many different types of trawls for both consumption and industrial fisheries.

Our trawls work with optimum efficiency in various bottom conditions to ensure effective fishing both at great depths and in shallow waters.

Hampidjan Group is recognized as a world leader in supplying trawls with different riggings for fishing single, double, triple, or multiple systems. As a member, Hampidjan Canada Ltd. is proud to provide fishermen with high-quality products, such as:

  • Shrimp
  • Semi Pelagic
  • Midwater
  • Bottom
  • Hi Lift
  • Balloon
  • Langoustine
  • Beach Seine
  • Purse Seine
  • Cod Ends

The wide range of trawls offered at Hampidjan are designed and manufactured by our experienced specialists that can provide tailor-made solutions to suit your needs. High-quality workmanship ensures minimal maintenance. During the design process, our specialists can select from a wide variety of high-quality netting that is made in our own factory.

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Trawl Warps

Hampidjan provides trawl warps in both steel and Dynice.

Our high-quality steel can be completed at any length and marked and spliced.

Dynice Warps are a revolution in trawling. These high-tech warps replace steel warps! They are a proven way in pelagic fisheries to reduce weight, increase trawl opening, improve handling and reduce fuel consumption during trawling.

The warps use the most advanced patent pending and complex design for a winch line for deep sea lifting and lowering as well as for towing fishing trawls. The rope consists of six different layers to give it very high cross-sectional stability and axial stiffness.

Buoys, Fenders & Floats

Check out Hampidjan Canada’s selection and brands of buoys, fenders and floats.

Sorting Grids

Sorting Grids of various sizes and shapes are manufactured to fulfill the requirements of the species being fished. Single, double, and triple are some of the grids we can complete.

Pots, & High Flyers

From cod and crab to lobster and whelk – we can deliver the pot you are looking for! A variety of pots are offered including customized.

We both source and manufacture high flyers and are offered with both polyform and Styrofoam bouys.


Hampidjan’s Sea Cucumber Dredges are fully manufactured on-site. They are completed with a five-point, heavy-duty steel frame, and completed to regulation standards.

All materials are stocked and can be purchased separately, or we would be happy to complete the repairs required.

We can also assist or provide a quote for Scallop Dredges, and customized mini dredges as requested.

  • Sea Cucumber
  • Scallop


With a large selection, you will surely find the rope you need at Hampidjan. We carry Dynice, Prima, Polypropylene, Polyester, Nylon, Manila and much more!

Hampidjan’s own Dynice ropes are widely used in commercial fishing, seismic, mooring, tugging, yachting, lifting, leisure, off-road and military sectors. It has proved to be very popular for its roundness and smooth surface.

Dynice 75 is a revolutionary product of new synthetics technology. It is produces as a 12-strand braided rope from DSM’s Dynice SK75 fibres and treaded with Duracoat. The rope has a higher breaking strength than that of steel wire of the same thickness, but only one-sixth of the weight and is much easier to handle. It also floats on water unlike steel wire!

Poly rope is carried in multiple colors – green, purple as well as a red, white and blue combination. It is available in 3, 4, 8, and 12 strand – twisted and braided. We have Novacord, Novacord Royal, and Novacord Sink is now available!

Netting & Twine

No matter what fishery, industry or recreational activity you may be involved in, Hampidjan Canada has the netting and twine you require to complete the task at hand!

Majority of the netting carried at our locations are produced and manufactured by Hampidjan. Our netting is produced in a variety of options from:
High density polyethylene with maximum strength to diameter ratio to minimize drag during towing
Round and compact twine, with the core and cover engineered to optimize know breaking strength

With over 40 years experience, our professional team can design, manufacture, or repair any items at any size.

From trawls to barrier and cargo nets, to enclosing baseball fields and golf carts, we have the type of net you require.

Explore the brands Hampidjan manufactures and stocks:





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Hampidjan Canada carries a large selection of supplies for Oyster and Mussel – from tumblers, spat catchers and crates to cages and knives.